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Our Values

Tovarisch Beauty firmly believes that every woman is special, essential and important to the world. Own it and Start each day loving it with enthusiasm, confidence and bravery.

Our Vision

To empower women of the world with bravery, confidence and radiance, that they may reach for their supreme self.

Our Story

Seeking to bring inspiring beauty to all women across the globe, Hollyness founder of  Tovarisch beauty looked  deep into the wig industry and the types of wigs that most ladies would wear and noticed that they had compromised quality due to the lack of collaboration and innovation. She believed this could change and adopted the innovation of Glue-less wigs that are throw on and go wigs that require no glue, are time saving and free wig users from many headaches giving them the ultimate no glue styled easy-to-use wig experience.

Top Swiss lace, the best undetectable lace there is and undetectable lace wigs that can naturally melt into all skin tones.
You can be your own kind of beauty with various styles that look so natural and are easy to wear and time saving.
This is the purpose of Tovarisch Beauty you’re splendid as our words meet your eyes. We feel supremely blessed to be of service to you.

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